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Multipurpose for the multitaskers, the Rider R 200iX leads the shift towards electric riding lawn mowers. Dynamic mowing mode autonomously adapts to suit any lawn condition for an even cut, while SavE intelligently optimises battery use for class-leading capacity and efficiency. The fully electric, belt-free drive system reduces maintenance and produces zero direct Co2 emissions during use. Maximise your productivity with its premium features, customisable settings and optional attachments.
FEATURES • The fully electric, belt-free drive system reduces maintenance. • Possibility to add an extra battery to extend the runtime • Automatic blade engagement • All controls, including the cutting height adjustment and jog-wheel are ergonomically located and easy to reach from the operators seat. The blades are engaged automatically when the cutting deck is lowered. • Service position on the cutting deck facilitates cleaning and service. • Dynamic mowing mode will give the user maximum efficency and performance without any manual operations. Each cutting blade motor is controlled individually resulting in a optimized runtime and evenly cut lawn. • Automatic parking break • LED lights indicate charging status. • 14-inch wheels both front and back provide optimal riding comfort, great accessibility and less risk of damaging delicate surfaces. • The battery power riders requires less maintenance compared to petrol machines. No fuel, no oil and no